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Here’s How to Get Your Best HearingPossible Without Overpaying

You already know technology is improving our lives in immeasurable ways. But did you know there are advances in digital hearing aids that make them more effective in improving hearing than ever before?

The difficult part is knowing what questions you should ask to make sure that you spend the right amount of money to get the proper hearing aid solution for you.

That’s where we come in.

We help people just like you get your best hearing without paying for bells and whistles you don’t need.

Here’s how the process works:​

Step 1: Make an appointment with me to go over your needs, your expectations and your lifestyle, and to determine the specific part of your hearing that’s not working well.

Step 2: I’ll give you a recommendation on level of technology and style of hearing aids and what you can expect from them – based on exactly what you need and solely on your specific situation and hearing loss.

Step 3: We take it from there and help you get the right hearing aid and we work with you to make sure you fully understand how to properly use it and we won’t stop until you are fully satisfied.

Most people avoid doing something about their hearing because they’re embarrassed that it’s going to make them look old or they don’t want to make the wrong decision when they’re spending a lot of money on hearing aids.

Now with the advanced technology that’s available and our help, you can get a solution that meets your budget and will benefit your life.

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Jamie LarsenRHIP, Director of AudiologyHearing Aid Cosultant